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August 2011

If you have attended a meeting in the month of August 2011, please comment under this blog and I will add it upon approval. This will help keep the community informed. 

These are the collected highlights for town council meetings in 
Fort Mill, SC:
Report for the August 2, 2011 Fort Mill School BoardSubmitted by Larry B.

Key Issues Included:
1. Infrastructure construction and maintenance of the Fort Mill Schools and
Administrative offices is progressing very well. There is money to maintain
roofs, improve classrooms (The Biology building at Fort Mill high school,
improvements to the Fort Mill high school gym, the improvements to the press
box at the Fort Mill Middle School Football stadium, roof replacements at the
Fort Mill Middle School and the Gold Hill Middle School, roof replacement
at the Gold Hill Elementary School, and the modernization of the Fort Mill
Administrative Building (and bus parking lots) are examples of the construction
being implemented. There is ample money for these projects at this time. This
has to be monitored very carefully in the future if the economy continues to slow
2. Standards for students have been upgraded to have each pupil in the Fort Mill
School system be proficient in English and Math. This is a new requirement, and
it will be impossible to attain. Will there be sanctions on the schools who do not
comply? This will be implemented in 2014.
3. Impact fee collection is progressing very well. So far $112,500 dollars have been
collected. This impact fee is critical for the schools to remain operating in the
black. This means the economy has to grow in order that we have enough funding
for the schools.
4. Property Taxes: $39 million dollars have been collected up to this June 2011.
5. The Budget for the school year will be adjusted to reflect the increase in revenues.
There appears to be enough money for this school year. (2011-2112)
6. The next school board meeting will cover the projected roll back of millage
taxation on rentals. This is very important for the citizens of Fort Mill.

Fort Mill Town Council Meeting – August 8, 2011 – 7pm – 7:25pm

Submitted by Gary S.
      1. All members present – Meeting started with pledge of Allegiance & Prayer.
      2. Previous minutes approved.
      3. New legislation passed on size & location of electric signs.
      4. New legislation passed on tattoo parlors & location permissible.
      5. Council & town working on having local regulations in compliance with State laws.
      6. Art Council received approval for Arts Fair, 11/15/11 – 10am – 5pm.
        Blocking off Main Street as before. 4,000 attendees are expected & it will show school students art as well.
      7. Sept.8th, Town Manager's Budget to be submitted.
      8. Veterans Memorial Park to be dedicated – August 20th at 10am.
      9. Proposals submitted for repair of tennis courts (public).
      10. Storm damage pickup hampered by tree stumps & tree roots which are too large for staff & equipment.
      11. Next Meetings, September 12th & September 26th, including next year's budget proposals.

These are the collected highlights for town council meetings in 
Mecklenburg County, NC:

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We are just looking for highlights and NOT the whole minutes, what you think would be important for the community to know. Thank you very much!

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  1. The upcoming elections stand out to me as a major issue - especially in praying for God's candidate and cabinet and supporting them.


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