Friday, July 1, 2011

July 2011

If you have attended a meeting in the month of July 2011, please comment under this blog and I will add it upon approval. This will help keep the community informed. 

These are the collected highlights for town council meetings in 
Fort Mill, SC: 
Fort Mill Town Meeting – 7/11/11 – 7pm – 7:55pm
Submitted by Gary

All Board Members Present –
  1. Prayer & Pledge of allegiance – moment of silence for Ft. Mill fallen Marine – passed minutes approved.
  2. Budget report presented (8 months into the year) – 80% of budget already collected
    from tax revenue.. 2 grants (police & fire) are reimbursement grants.
  3. Spring Festival – additional revenues and additional expenses – great success.
  4. House of Representative – Ralph Norman was present. He will not be representing
    Fort Mill in 2012 due to redistricting. Brief overview – 9 public hearings.
  5. York County – biggest growth in S.C., is the 7th largest in retail sales, with Greenville
    the largest in sales.
  6. August 2nd referendum pending. Pennies for Progress – road modifications pending –
    delayed momentarily with Highway 21 bridge ahead of schedule.
  7. Awarding of repair contracts to public buildings, due to recent hail damage.
  8. Town Board approves ordinance against synthetic marijuana possession or sales.
  9. Electronic signs being regulated
  10. Tattooing location cannot be within 1000 ft. of school or church and must be in highway commercial zone area.
  11. Veterans Park – dedication is Saturday, Aug. 20th, as there have been construction delays.
  12. Music and movies in the Park – August 12th.
    Element of safety discussed over go-carts, handicap vehicles, and seeing what can be done to promote more safety, and possible regulations to restrict traffic on major roadways.

These are the collected highlights for town council meetings in 
Mecklenburg County, NC:

Please put your:
  1. first name and last initial
  2. date of the meeting
  3. county
  4. highlights
  5. meeting attended(city council, school board...)
We are just looking for highlights and NOT the whole minutes, what you think would be important for the community to know. Thank you very much!

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