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September 2011

If you have attended a meeting in the month of September 2011, please comment under this blog and I will add it upon approval. This will help keep the community informed. 

These are the collected highlights for town council meetings in
Fort Mill, SC:
 York County Council- Tuesday, September 6, 2011- John P.

  • Tom Aggeles, Board President, A Place for Hope, in the developing Blackmon Road Community, Rock Hill, appeared to request support from the Council for an increase of $10,000 in funding for operating costs. Councilman Roddey expressed his support for amending the budget.
  • The Council held a Public Hearing regarding an ordinance to redistrict and redefine the voting districts within York County through the reapportionment as to population of the seven single- member electoral districts within the County for the election of members of York County Council pursuant to the United States Census of 2010. This will codify the redistricting and reapportionment of County Council Districts in York County. Due to the 1965 Voter Rights Act, this ordinance must be reviewed and approved by the Department of Justice. The following individuals appeared before

Council regarding proposed ordinance:
Ø Glenn McCall, Chair of York County’s Republican Party, spoke in favor of proposed ordinance
and advised that both he and the Republican Party were in support of the County’s redistricting
and redefining of voting districts within York County. He stated the ordinance is “fair and

  • However, Melvin Poole, President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Rock Hill Branch, spoke in opposition of proposed ordinance and emphasized that the 2010 Census Report cited a 61k+ population growth in York County since the 2000 Census and indicated that minorities were growing twice as fast as the majority population. Accordingly, Mr. Poole requested that Council consider increasing Council Districts from seven to nine which would include the designation of two minority seats. He stated that 50% of South Carolina County Councils have 9 or more members.
  • As well, Terance Murchison, an executive board member of the western York County branch of the NAACP, spoke in opposition of proposed ordinance and emphasized that according to the 2010 Census, minorities (Hispanic or Latino origin, African Americans, & women) are 25% of York County’s current population of 226,073. He pointed out there was only one minority and no women on the Council. Accordingly, Mr. Murchison requested that Council reconsider proposed ordinance to more accurately reflect York County’s racial and gender demographics by drawing district lines where minorities are the majority, and therefore creating an opportunity for increase minority representation on the County Council. Councilman Winsted reminded the meeting that a candidate must run to be elected to the Council; these are not appointed positions. Mr. Murchison is gathering documentation, including his words tonight, to be sent to the Department of Justice (DOJ). Regarding this ordinance, he proclaimed “the law will prevail.” 

  • Discussion among Council members focused on their full reliance upon an expert in redistricting, Bobby Bowers, and his assurance that this ordinance will be approved by the DOJ.
  • The Chairman asked for point of the order as to the appropriateness of a final vote on this amendment. The County Attorney clarified this tonight was the Public Hearing only and there will be a 3rd reading and vote on this ordinance at the next Council meeting on September 19, 2011.

  • Numerous appeals for budget changes were discussed throughout the agenda. Councilman Roddey made a motion to amend the budget increasing the budget for A Place of Hope by $10,000, but no one seconded his motion and it died. The approval of the organization chart and budget for the Culture and Heritage Commission (including the York County Museum) was followed by more proposed changes to this budget.
  • Five persons, who were not on the agenda, appeared and all spoke regarding the proposed Pet Differential Licensing and Tethering Ordinance, which Council member Roddey provided in his Public Works Committee report. One expressed opposition due to enforcement challenges and cost effectiveness. The others spoke in support. One focused the three prong approach including adequate shelter definition, non tethering, and licensing. Another emphasized that, although compliance and enforcement of the proposed ordinance may not yield desired outcome initially, Council should consider program’s implementation. The next person cited information from King County regarding success of Differential Licensing and the program’s positive impact on the decline of animal euthanization. She had communicated with several counties with similar programs. A volunteer, who works currently 40 – 50 hours weekly in an effort to save animals in York County, supported licensing and no chaining of animals.
  • Regarding the proposed Personnel Ordinance amendment, which will allow Department Heads to reside within a 50 mile radius outside of York County, a person expressed that choice of residency is a personal matter and should not be governed by the Council.

Interesting Facts:

The Oath of Office for the newly appointed Board and Commission members concluded “. . . so help
me God.”
Of the 251 County vehicles deemed eligible for replacement this year, only 40 will be replaced. Jim
Baker, County Manager
York County currently expends $693,000 towards animal euthanization.

Curwood Chappell, a Councilman with a Biblical worldview, quotes from this meeting:

• “I trust David Harmon.” (County Public Works Director) regarding allowing County Department
Heads to reside within a 50 mile radius outside of York County.
• “We need to do more with less.” & “I’m no authority on the topic, but I opinionated on it!”
regarding extension of County vehicle use before replacement.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 19, 2011, at 6 PM in the Council Chambers.

Council agendas, actions and calendar of events are at For answers to
questions, call 803-628-3954.

These are the collected highlights for town council meetings in 
Mecklenburg County, NC:

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